How Much Does A Sociologist Make?

How Much Does A Sociologist Make? Individuals that hold a degree in the field of sociology are often excited to research information about the degree and a common question is, “how much does a sociologist make?” The field of sociology is a field which allows its professionals to make a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. This particular field allows its employees to be a part of both the private and public sectors of any current job market. Sociology degree holders enjoy a wide variety of yearly salaries that are based on their experience, education and chosen specialty in the field of sociology.

How Much Does A Sociologist Make In Different Regions?

A sociologist’s yearly salary is directly correlated to their current location. Professionals in certain states are definitely making more in comparison to sociologists that are based in states that have a lower overall cost of living. As with any profession, the cost of living is directly correlated to the average person’s yearly salary.

Sociologists that live in states such as New York or California usually have a salary that is significantly greater than sociologists that are based in the Midwest or Southern states. This particular difference in salary can make almost no difference in a sociologist’s financial portfolio because of the fact that the living expenses in one state may greatly vary from the cost of living in another state.

With this said the benefits that can be reaped from a lower average annual salary can be greater than that of a professional’s higher salary in a more expensive state. Sociologists that choose to be employed at institutions that are further away from their current location often enjoy amenities and financial benefits in addition to their yearly annual pay. Employers are often eager to hire sociologists with the right set of knowledge, skills and experience in order to fulfill a need in another city that would require a sociologist to relocate from their current home. This opportunity can have great financial benefits because an employer will often offer to pay for moving costs as well as sign-on bonuses that are available upon acceptance of a position.

Sociologists that are employed in remote locations such as Alaska or rural areas often enjoy a high level of job stability and security for years to come. How much does a sociologist make in these more rural areas? Maybe not as much as in the big cities. But this trade-off may prove to be extremely positive for some employees that have yet to break into the field of sociology. Taking advantage of these positions is a great way to gain work experience in a more relaxed and stable job environment.

Comparing the Numbers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the national mean annual salary for experienced sociologists was approximately $80,130. This particular figure is from 2010. On average sociologists that were part of the 25th percentile earned a mean average income of approximately $55,520 per year. Sociologists that fall in the 75th percentile enjoyed an average yearly salary of approximately $97,000. These figures are not to suggest that every sociologist will make a salary that meets these exact financial requirements. These numbers are dependent on the level of education that a sociologist receives as well as the years of experience that they have attained in the process of building up their career. In addition, a sociologist annual salary is affected by their current location. A sociologist may make more in one state but enjoy a lifestyle that is comparable to another sociologist’s salary in a state which grants a lower income. These differences are definitely to be expected when trying to figure out the expected annual salary of a sociologist.

Sociologists that have earned a doctorate degree in the field of sociology can expect to make a considerable amount more than undergraduate students who have just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology.

The field of sociology is an extremely broad field of study. This is why it can be difficult to assess the question, “exactly how much does a sociologist make?”

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