Top 10 TED Talks for Sociology Professionals and Students

Sociology is one of the most complex, yet arguably most important sciences known to man. Looking for some of today’s most pioneering thoughts on the subject? Take a glimpse at some of these cutting-edge, sociological concepts from the experts.


Caroline Casey: Looking Past Limits

Activist Caroline Casey tells her compelling story that begins with a surprising twist. She provides a unique and very inspiring lecture that pushes the boundaries of human understanding and relative capability.


Jared Diamond On Why Societies Collapse

Here, respected author Jared Diamond discusses a hot topic of modern times: societal collapse. What are the signs? Why does it happen? How can it be prevented? Diamond provides valuable insight through an extensive background in biology, geography, and physiology.


Nicholas Christakis: The Hidden Influence Of Social Networks

Nicholas Christakis talks about the data that travels via popular social networking, as well as its implications and uses. These nano-details are often unseen and unappreciated by the masses, but with insights offered in this seminar, Christakis sheds some interesting and valuable light on the subject.


Rebecca Onie: What If Our Healthcare System Kept Us Healthy?

Rebecca Onie is an award-winning socio-health expert and founder of Health Leads. In her range of expertise and against-the-grain beliefs, she provides a thought-invoking lecture. The central topic of coverage is Onie’s assertions that the health care system could be much more positively influential in society than ever before imagined.


Bono: The Good News On Poverty (Yes, There’s Good News)

Bono, the legendary rock musician and humanitarian, discusses poverty and some surprising upsides to poverty. Statistics and proof are given to show how relief efforts such as his can improve the lives of impoverished people worldwide. Many regions are covered.


Dan Pallotta: The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong

The thought that a charitable entity can secretly be holding back on what they advertise to give directly to charitable cause is a cringe-worthy one. In this lecture, Dan Pallotta explores the many ways that society suffers a charity disconnect. Intentional and unintentional loss are covered.


Richard Wilkinson: How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

With subject matter of truly great meaning to so many, Richard Wilkinson, renowned author and sociology professor, delves into the implications of wealth gaps in society. What does it really mean when there is a large or small gap between the wealthy and the poor? Wilkinson gives a deep insight.


Jonathan Haidt: How Common Threats Can Make Common (Political) Ground

In this bone-chilling lecture, sociological expert and author Jonathan Haidt discusses human aptitude, or inaptitude, with relation to working together for a common cause. Apocalyptic asteroid strikes are one proposed scenario in which the question is posed: “Would humanity successfully come together and fight off such common doom?”


Pankaj Ghemawat: Actually, The World Isn’t Flat

In this interesting seminar, Pankaj Ghemawat explores the proposal that perhaps today’s modern world is not so inter-connected after all. What hinders the global flow of ideas and goods, and what encourages it? Ghemawat is a highly respected author, professor, and expert on global business, markets, and socio-political sciences.


Raghava KK: What’s Your 200-Year Plan?

In this lecture, Raghava KK teaches his extraordinary viewpoint toward personal budgeting. His “200-year plan” is meant to provide an alternative, yet hearty approach to long-term personal economics. The artist and entrepreneur displays his work and financial philosophy.