Top 10 iPad Apps for Sociology Students or Professionals

The iPad is a great resource for students studying sociology or professionals in a sociology-related field. Instead of spending hours searching for useful material, these ten iPad apps provide curated sociology resources at your fingertips.


ted for ipad

1. TED

TED Talks offer brief summaries of the latest research in many fields, including sociology. Professors offer captivating presentations in everyday language on topics ranging from behavioral psychology to the impact of Massively Open Online Courses. This app makes these entertaining TED Talks easily viewable on the iPad.



constitution for ipad

2. Constitution for iPad

Need to quickly reference America’s founding documents? Constitution for iPad makes it easy to look up how the American government is run, complete with all amendments, in an easily readable format. Civics teachers will appreciate how the convenient search functions help students dig deeper into the Constitution’s language.



factbook for ipad

3. The World Factbook for iPad

For decades the CIA World Factbook has helped students quickly reference key facts about foreign countries. Need to know how many soldiers are in Argentina’s army? Doing a late night report on the economy of Sweden? This app makes hard-to-find data quickly available for student research.



lawbox for ipad

4. LawBox 2013 – Mobile Law Library

Lawyers and law students will love this handy app. It makes US laws and federal regulations easily searchable, as well as providing searchable text of state laws. No one should do legal research without this useful resource on their iPad!



mycongress for ipad

5. MyCongress

Want to learn more about your congressman or get in touch about an important issue? The MyCongress app provides a database of all representatives and senators so people can quickly get in touch with their elected officials. Students will love the sleek user interface and easily searchable database.



eyewitness for ipad

6. The Guardian Eyewitness

The iPad is at its best when users are viewing photographs, and the Guardian Eyewitness app provides a constantly updated assortment of breathtaking photos from around the world. Tired professionals will love to relax while viewing beautiful images from the day’s news, and students will learn about life in foreign countries through the photos of The Guardian’s foreign correspondents.



aclj for ipad

7. The ACLJ Social Action App

Anyone who cares about First Amendment rights will love this app from the American Center for Law and Justice, the nation’s top defender of the freedom of speech. This app pulls together news about the political battle for religious liberty and free speech, putting the latest information in one convenient location.



policybot for ipad

8. PolicyBot

PolicyBot makes legislation and policy research easily searchable and accessible. Public policy students will be relieved at how this app reduces frustrating hours in the library tracking down legislative bills and policy reports. No other app rivals PolicyBot’s database of public policy materials.



economy for ipad

9. Economy for iPad

Anyone interested in finance or economics will love this clever app that collects national and state economic data for the United States. Economy for iPad has received much praise from iPad users and was the top-rated finance app for six weeks in a row!



npr for ipad

10. NPR for iPad

Long admired for its objective reporting and in-depth analysis of important issues, NPR programming is essential for people who want to know what is going on in the world. This app includes award-winning podcasts like Planet Money and beloved programs like This American Life and Prairie Home Companion. Users will put down this app feeling informed, intelligent, and entertained.