How To Work For The United Nations

How To Work For The United NationsLooking for further information on how to work for the United Nations may seem like a daunting task. The United Nations was established in 1945 in order to further promote the peace, safety and stability in the free world. In fact, the United Nations is considered to be one of the world’s largest employers. This special entity employs individuals from all across the globe and in endless specializations. The United Nations is a respected and well-known entity which secures safety and respect during some of the most unstable times in history. The United Nations is a true global organization and employment within the organization is highly sought after by the best professionals and recent graduates from the top universities in the world.

A position in the United Nations allows an individual to pursue lifelong dreams and missions that they otherwise could not complete without the help of this respected institution. With such an important mission, it’s no surprise that there are many students wondering how to work for the United Nations.

Looking Past The Qualifications

As with any kind of position, the United Nations offers jobs in various generalized and specialized careers. A job at the United Nations is unique because it gives its employees the chance to truly make a difference in the lives of others. With this said, an individual who is looking to obtain a position with the United Nations must possess certain personality characteristics and attributes. Individuals that are passionate about their field of study are recommended to pursue a position with the United Nations. In addition to passion, a potential United Nations employee must be dedicated to the sole mission of this institution. Interested applicants should enjoy traveling and be able to handle living in unfamiliar surroundings for an extended period of time. In addition, a high level of people skills and communication is also extremely helpful for those that wish to be a part of the United Nations.

How To Work For The United Nations As A Generalist Or A Specialist

The United Nations employs professionals that hold degrees in various subjects. At the minimum, in order to be competitive for a given position at the United Nations, a student should have attained a Bachelor’s degree in the subject of their choice. Many choose sociology. As with any other position, being highly qualified allows a prospective employee the chance to be competitive and stand out from a crowd of other comparable employees.

The United Nations breaks up its employees into two separate groups. A prospective employee must assess whether they are interested in becoming a generalist or a specialist employee. Generalist employees often join a secretarial division of the United Nations. These positions include professionals that are responsible for various peacekeeping in an unstable nation or those that directly deal with administrative work. Prospective employees that have a specialized degree in a specific fields such as medicine, sociology, management, humanitarianism, law or the environment, have the opportunity to join the United Nations as a specialist employee.

The minimum age for working at this institution is 32 years old. Individuals that are looking to obtain a position as a specialized employee must be 39 years old.

The possibilities seem endless and there’s no doubt that anyone wondering how to work for the United Nations is expecting a job full of excitement and fulfillment. Now that you’ve begun your search about how to work for the United Nations, you can begin your career path today.

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