How To Become A Social Worker

How To Become A Social WorkerIf you’re looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career, have you considered finding out how to become a social worker? Social work can be a challenging yet deeply rewarding career. Social Workers have similar interests and skills that allow them to flourish in the day-to-day responsibilities of their work. They also have an educational background that has fully prepared them to provide quality services to their clients and deliver the best practices. The aim of this article is to show you how to become a social worker.

Skills And Interests Of A Social Worker

Social Work is included as one of the many helping professions. Helping and assisting others is the main function of this occupation and social workers must enjoy the benefits and difficulties that come with interpersonal relations. Social Workers must also be interested in working with the disadvantaged and special populations such as individuals who are homeless or victims of domestic violence. Working well with others, excellent listening skills and the ability to be non-judgmental are critical skills for the Social Worker to possess. Cultural awareness and sensitivity is also a learned skill that is highly important and will help anyone as they learn how to become a social worker who excels.

Aside from working directly with clients, Social Workers must be able to work well under pressure. Compact schedules, paperwork and deadlines need to be executed professionally and effectively. Arguably, it is of upmost importance as a social worker to maintain emotional and psychological stability when dealing with adverse situations and to effectively intervene in the event of a crisis.

Learn How To Become A Social Worker: BSW, LSW, MSW

Possessing the above attributes is a great place to start for someone that is learning how to become a social worker. Proper education is also necessary. The majority of Social Workers have a BSW, or Bachelor’s of Social Work from an accredited college or university. Obtaining a BSW provides the individual with an opportunity to begin entry-level work as a social worker or a related occupation. Quite often, agencies require a Master’s degree in social work and it is exceedingly common for individuals to pursue this additional education. Most Master’s degree in Social Work programs include a clinical portion and prepare the individual for licensure. For example, in Illinois, becoming a LSW (Licensed Social Worker) or LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) allows the individual to professionally and legally provide social work services in the state. Requirements may vary by state or agency, so be sure to check the guidelines in your area.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Social Worker

Social workers provide services to all types of individuals to help with their personal issues and may be employed in settings such as hospitals, schools and community agencies. They supply clients with links to outside agencies, serve as their case manager and assist them in meeting both short and long-term goals. Social workers are also responsible for ensuring client safety and providing them access to resources they may require in order to remediate their life situation. Most social workers have offices, but often venture out in the community to make home visits. At times, their visits may warrant crisis intervention or brief counseling sessions. Additionally, social workers must ensure that they are using proper documentation standards by writing progress notes after all client interactions.

The life of a social worker is certainly demanding, but is a well-needed and essential service to individuals who find themselves in unfortunate situations. To become a social worker, it takes a particular set of skills in addition to formal training. If you have ever wondered how to become a social worker and you believe the above criteria pertain to you, do not hesitate to pursue this exciting and rewarding career.

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