5 Reasons to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

A sociology degree is increasing in popularity in the world today. This is because human behavior has become incomprehensible. People whose appetites to understand human behavior and societal patterns are taking up sociology as an avenue to satisfy their appetite. This, however, is not the only reason people are studying sociology. Here are 5 reasons to get a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

  • Deeper Understanding of Humankind
  • Expand your HorizonsMake the World Better
  • Broad Skill Set
  • High Student Satisfaction
  • Levels

Deeper Understanding of Humankind

As a sociologist, you get a deeper understanding of the complex, confusing and yet intriguing nature of mankind and our societies. Sociology will focus on studying social behavior from where you can compare, try to solve social issues, and comprehend why humans behave the way they do and the reason behind some of their most frustrating behaviors. If wanting to understand social dogma has always been an exciting venture for your curious mind then a degree in sociology can help with your curiosity.

Expand Your Horizons

You can combine sociology with another course. For instance, you can combine sociology with economics, philosophy, political science, mathematics among other disciplines. So you stand a chance to graduate with a joint honors degree hence expanding your employability horizons. Employers, for instance, are looking for multi-skilled individuals who can solve problems from a broader perspective. Also given the social problems that the world is facing today, you are almost out rightly assured of employment. Unfortunately, the problems are not only in developing countries but even in developed countries like ours.

Make the World Better

Society’s moral fabric is fractured. Group behavior is at an all-time minimum. Learning and obtaining a degree on what contributes to this moral degradation gives you an opportunity to search for solutions. If you can manage to come up with solutions to the problems that we are facing today you will have made the world a better place. Most sociology major students get employment in humanitarian agencies such as the UN, and the USAID. These are organizations that focus on solving human problems. Other areas where you can make a difference in the world with a sociology degree are social labs. These are workshops that bring together social experts who focus on practical experiments that seek to solve complex social challenges.

Broad Skill Set

The skills you obtain while undertaking your degree can be applied in different aspects of work. You gather skills in decision making, critical thinking, research methods, ethics, and effective communication among others. You can apply these skills in any job that you get, and they will be relevant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that individuals with sociology degree major land on good jobs with specialized titles such as policy analysts, lead researchers, project managers, to mention but a few. Most of these jobs deal with people and since a sociologist analyzes social behavior excelling in the job becomes easy.

High Student Satisfaction Levels

Sociology students in general have reported high satisfaction levels. This can be attributed to its enigmatic character; students view the degree to be very rewarding and somewhat stimulating. The teaching methodologies offer a holistic approach to society and its problems yielding high returns. It is also a very popular course for international students. For a subject dealing with understanding people’s behavior and culture, it is not surprising that it exudes such high satisfaction levels.

Unlike what most people would have you believe that sociology is a rather dormant course as opposed to practical and technical courses such as engineering, sociology, it is still alive and relevant in our world today. There are numerous social challenges, frustrating human behavior, and uncouth emerging social vices that need to be addressed. A sociology degree can help you have a deeper understanding of what is ailing our behavioral, social structure and device a remedy for it.

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