How To Become An Urban Planner

Undergraduate students that are seeking information in regards to how to become an urban planner can greatly benefit from understanding the tasks that are involved in this specific field. Urban planners are professionals that are responsible for the correct placement of homes in any given city. These specialists are employed in order to be able to map out the urban development of any established city.

How To Become An Urban Planner
In general, most individuals are not truly aware of the value of an urban planner in their daily lives. In addition to mapping out the location of buildings, an urban planner is also responsible for the planning and control of effectively and efficiently relieving heavy traffic congestion. As with any urban city, pollution is considered to be somewhat of a necessary inconvenience that comes along with the production and sustainability of daily city life. An urban planner is also responsible for solving the endless pollution problems that an established city may be currently facing.

A college student that is finding out how to become an urban planner in the near future needs to understand the coursework that is necessary in order to meet the requirements of this specific career path. In general, an urban planner is required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field that can help them in their position. A majority of students that choose to be urban planners often obtain their degrees in statistics, mathematics, geography, computer science or sociology. It is recommended that students choose programs that are accredited, such as degrees from schools on this list of The Top 10 Online Bachelor’s in Sociology Programs. These fields of study are highly preferred by employers that are responsible for hiring and promoting a new urban planner into their institution. These educational prerequisites are necessary in order to meet the demands of the daily tasks and activities that an urban planner will have as part of their job duties.

A student must also obtain certification through the American Institute of Certified Planners. In addition, a student can gain a competitive edge by obtaining a Master’s degree in the field of urban planning or city design.

How To Become An Urban Planner By Gaining Experience in the Field

Students that hope to become successful in the field of urban planning need to gain experience that is relative to the specific field. This experience can be be found through the various summer jobs or internships that allow students to build up their urban planning skills. These specific internships can be found through the help of a student’s academic advisor, career center and local or state government office. This type of on hands experience is considered to be a must for students that hope to break into this competitive and demanding field of study. Unfortunately, students are faced with rejections to entry-level jobs without having a necessary experience.

In order to further learn about how to become an urban planner a student must evaluate the necessary educational requirements that serve as the beginning steps of an established career as an urban planner.

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