5 Resume Tips for Sociologists

With a sociology degree, your employment options are diverse since the area of study gives you the chance to work in data analysis, statistics and research design. Once you graduate, you’ll be qualified for jobs in human services departments, the criminal justice field and the government. However, you’ll need to make sure that your resume encourages potential employers to call you for an interview. Five resume writing tips for sociology majors include:

• Accumulating information
• Adding an objective statement
• Detailing your education
• Listing your experience
• Describing your activities

Gather Data

Assess your personal information, educational milestones and work experience. Then, decide what information your future employer will deem relevant. To write your resume effectively, be sure to list the skills that you’ve accumulated that fit the requirements of your desired sociology-based job. While specifying this information, be concise without limiting the important details of your qualifications. Also, indicate the career area that interests you instead of referring to the exact title as the company may have more than one position open. Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and email information. Before listing your email, confirm that it’s appropriate and professional.

Objective Statements

With the right objective statement, your resume could be put at the top of an employer’s list of prospective job candidates. This type of statement is ideal for sociology majors since the degree qualifies you to work in different industries. Objective statements are also recommended when you’re applying for an internship or interested in a position that doesn’t quite relate to your sociology degree. When writing your statement, confirm that it mentions the career area that you want to work in as well as why you are the best candidate for the company. Point out your strengths along with your special skills.

Detailing your Education

When it comes to your education, be sure to list the details in reverse chronological order. Include the name of the schools that you attended along with each one’s location. Record every degree that you hold including majors and minors. Also, include the date that you received each of your degrees. If your GPA was at least a 3.0, then be sure to mention this accomplishment as well as any scholarships or academic honors that you earned while attending school. If you’re just starting out and have little to no work experience, then expand this section with coursework highlights and teaching assistant or internship information.

Listing your Experience

During the gathering data phase, analyze your experiences to determine the ones that relate to your career preferences in the sociology field. Experiences may include internships, assistantships, temporary summer jobs, volunteer work, research projects and fieldwork. Explain these experiences positively and in detail. Also, be sure to include your current or past full-time jobs or any part-time employment that you’ve had. Make sure that your experiences market you for the job you want. Use descriptive language to show your future employers how your abilities, past life successes and skills meet the requirements of their company.

Describing your Activities

To give future employers more information about your work ethic and relevant sociology skills, consider adding an activities section to your resume. In the segment, include details regarding any community service that you’ve completed as well as your communication skills, leadership abilities and organizational talents. If you belong to a military organization, then explain the affiliation on your resume. You can also list your professional memberships, activities that relate to the job field and other qualities that you possess that are likely to increase your employability. This may include speaking a foreign language or obtaining specific computer certifications.

Due to the complex nature and flexibility of sociology programs, those who earn a degree in the discipline will have the educational background to work in most industries. With these resume tips, you’ll likely improve your chances of landing your dream job.