What is CSWE?

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is a nonprofit professional association that grants accreditation to both undergraduate and graduate programs in the field. If you are interested in pursuing social work education to earn a professional degree, it is important that you understand the importance of choosing a program that is accredited and why the Council on Social Work Education is an association that you can trust. Find out more about the role of the CSWE within the field and how it is making a difference for social work education in the nation.

The Role of the CSWE Commission on Accreditation

The COA is a body within the Council on Social Work Education that is responsible for setting accrediting standards and also for evaluating programs that apply. Since programs who want to be accredited can apply voluntarily, the COA will take steps to ensure that they take the steps to verify that an undergraduate or graduate program has met or exceeded the standard set by the association. This is a multi-step process that involves not just research of curriculum and self-studies, but also visits to the site and the classrooms. Currently, the COA has granted the designation to 509 bachelor’s programs and to 241 master’s degree programs.

Membership Benefits through the CSWE

The CSWE was formed to help professionals in the field advance their careers while advancing their knowledge. Members can enjoy a long list of benefits if they join and pay the annual membership fee. You must be an eligible person in the field of social work before you can join the CSWE. Eligible professionals include: professors, field educators, college administrators, program directors, education coordinators, development officers, admissions, undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, nonprofit managers, consultants, and agency professionals.

If you qualify and you join, you will receive annual subscriptions of the Journal of Social Work Education along with a monthly newsletter on public policy reviews and changes. You can also become part of a community where 3000+ professionals in the field have a voice and network with one another to advocate or to get private support.

What Types of Events and Meetings Does the CSWE Host?

Social work education programs teach theories and principles, but it is difficult for the curriculum in a program to be modified as research leads to new practices. This is why it is beneficial to attend meetings and conferences that are hosted by the Council on Social Work Education. Every year, the CSWE will host an Annual Program Meeting where students, professors, deans and directors from all over the globe get together and promote best practices. There are also monthly trips for development that members are free to attend.

The Council on Social Work Education is committed to continued research in the field of social work. The association also strives to make a difference by improving education programs in social work so that students can develop their careers. Members will have access to networking opportunities and a long list of print and digital publications so that everyone has access to the latest findings. If you want to attend a program for a bachelor’s or a graduate degree in Social Work, be sure to check the accredited programs list through the CSWE. Once you have a starting point, research each option and then join the CSWE once you are enrolled.