How Long Does it Take to Earn a Sociology Degree Online?

If you have ever considered earning a degree in sociology, you may be wondering how long it takes to get a sociology degree online. Getting a sociology degree can be advantageous if you genuinely enjoy working with people and want to learn more about different cultures, societies and belief-values systems. If you are interested in a career in sociology, here is a quick guide on how to earn your degree in sociology online.

Meet All Entrance Requirements

For starters, you should make sure you meet all necessary requirements for a prospective online sociology program. Usually this would mean having a high school diploma or a GED, an acceptable GPA, letters of recommendation and necessary test scores. Most schools, if they offer an accredited online program, will make it mandatory for students to meet these requirements.

Research Accredited Online Programs

As a rule of thumb, always make sure you research accredited programs. The last thing you want to do is waste your time, money and energy enrolling in and studying at a college or program that isn’t accredited. Make sure that any institution you are interested in meets both state and national accreditation standards.

General Education Requirements

After finding a reputable online program, expect to take at least one to two years of general education courses. These courses are designed to make you a well-rounded student. Some of these courses will include general math, sciences, humanities, writing composition, etc. While it might seem overwhelming at first, many of these courses will go hand in hand with your sociology degree coursework.

Sociology Courses

Typically, online sociology degrees offer the same courses as brick-and-mortar institutions. Students will take courses in the history of sociology, theory, field research, social data analysis, economic sociology, race studies, women studies and research design. Depending on the program, the college or university might offer more specialized classes that cater towards certain areas such as ethnic studies or women’s studies.

Time Commitment

Generally, students should expect to be in an online program anywhere from three to four years. The length of time will definitely vary based on overall course load, whether or not you’ve taken classes during the summer as well as if you are transferring with preexisting credits. After you speak with an admissions representative or a guidance counselor, they will be able to give a more accurate picture of your projected graduation date.

Expected Salary

The average salary for someone with a degree in sociology will depend on a number of factors. In general, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry level college graduates with general humanities and social sciences backgrounds make a salary of around $37,000 a year. This will depend obviously on geographic location, occupation, size of the organization and prior work experience.

If you are considering a degree in sociology, definitely consider going through an online institution. Options tend to be flexible and cater towards students who have very diverse needs. Whether you are an adult learner, first time college student or a busy professional, an online degree in sociology can be completed in a timely fashion.

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