5 Reasons to Get a Master’s Degree in Sociology

Sociology is one of the most fascinating subjects you can study in school today. With a world that seems to get more turbulent and confusing by the week, understanding the factors that affect our economy, our behaviors, our relationships and how everything connects is more appealing than ever. More than likely, if you are looking at getting a masters degree in sociology, you already have an undergraduate background in this or a similar field, and you may even be utilizing it in your present career. However, taking that education to the next level not only opens up new doorways of understanding the human condition, but it also opens up paths to even more exciting and fulfilling jobs within the industry.

Sociology Helps You Make Sense of the World

Sociologists study society, yes; but they also study other societies, both past and present, to identify patterns, predict outcomes and ultimately answer the question “Why?” By studying everything from religious faith to morality, gender, discrimination and war, students of sociology invariably come out of college with not only an advanced degree, but also a better understanding of how the world works.

Your Sociology Education Will Help You in All Facets of Life

Not sure if a masters degree in sociology will lead you to the career you really want? Even if it doesn’t, learning about the interconnectedness of humans, technology, history and the economy will unfailingly help you in any career you find yourself pursuing. Whether you’re in finance, sales or international mediation, an advanced degree in sociology provides a solid background of knowledge you can always fall back on.

Your Masters Degree in Sociology Can Lead to a Variety of Careers

Your sociology degree can lead you in numerous directions including counseling, rehabilitation, healthcare, teaching, criminal justice, and human resources. A masters in sociology opens up a huge range of potential careers that is limited only by your imagination and your particular preferences.

Careers Based on Sociology Degrees are in Demand

According to Forbes, more and more leaders in the business sector are seeing the need for social sciences graduates to assist with uncovering how people connect to each other and to those they do business with. What does this mean to you? If you graduate with a masters in sociology, you can plan on writing your own ticket — especially if you’re looking to get into the business world.

Your Career in Sociology Can Help People—Or Even Change the World

Most people who pursue a degree in sociology do so because they want to help. By understanding how people feel, think, and connect, they feel they can help make the world a better place. Here’s the good news: they are absolutely right. By putting a sociology degree into action, you can help underprivileged children, heal those with depression or anxiety, mediate to create a more harmonious environment, or help in hundreds of other ways.

With an undergraduate degree in sociology, you’ve probably already seen the power of what your knowledge and education can do for your future. By taking the next step and pursuing a masters degree, you can magnify those results and truly create a memorable and meaningful career.

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