5 Jobs for Someone with a Master’s in Sociology Degree

Sociology may be a great degree to learn if you are interested in human interaction. Sociology majors not only learn about social interactions and issues, but also common social problems and how we overcome them. It is a very common major among college students in the United States, with plenty of career opportunities for upcoming graduates, such as the ones below.

1. Archaeologist

Archaeologists study environments in human behavior and development. The median pay is $61,000 annually, although this also means that graduates in this career path can enjoy working all around the world. Sociology majors can also other areas in archeology in consulting, research, and government branches to expand their career.

2. Guidance Counselor

Obtaining a sociology degree is important when heading down the career path of becoming a guidance counselor. Besides the fact that there are thousands of employed guidance counselors, it is a healthy job with an adequate salary of $53660 annually. Plus, the benefit of helping students reach their full potential in education, as well as life choices, can make all the difference compared to any other job field. Not to mention, as a guidance counselor, you get to be on your feet, talking and working with people one-on-one for a more enjoyable work experience.

3. Social Worker

The career path of a social worker is both physically and emotionally demanding. On a more positive note, the BLS foresees a standard job growth among social workers, with a median pay of $45,000 annually.

Most social workers enjoy the aspect of their job that they deal with nearly anyone, from juvenile youths to elderly people. However, more than anything, a social worker should expect to do more than just evaluate research on a day-to-day basis. If you’re looking for a career that allows you to work with people, you may benefit working as a social worker.

4. Market Research Analyst

The career of a market research analyst means conducting tests on products, as well as developing marketing campaigns. This also influences the use of surveys, interviews, and focus groups to collect data to better marketing strategies. Market research analysts use a variety of skills from their sociology major to help better streamline data analyzation.

To follow the career path of a market research analyst means that you will have to develop superior communication and study processing skills to better speak with modern day consumers.

5. Economist

If you enjoy performing research on history, statistics, and figures, you might benefit from the career choice of becoming an economist. Economists earn an average of $99,000 annually, while still being able to work from anywhere in the world. They also play a huge role in federal, state, and local government, with plenty of job opportunities within reach. Establishing a career as an economist also means that you can both meet deadlines and work under pressure, which not many people can do simultaneously.

Going to college to get a master’s degree in sociology has plenty of benefits, as well as thriving job opportunities. Hopefully, you could get some necessary inspiration from our top five job examples to continue your education and either aspire to any of the careers above or look for a similar one. We wish you the best of luck with your new master’s degree and finding a career that best matches your skills and talents!

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