5 Jobs for Someone with a Bachelor’s in Sociology Degree

Jobs utilizing your bachelor’s in sociology degree stretch beyond your college papers. Understanding how people work and interact with each other can be a huge stepping stone in landing many kinds of careers, so there’s no need to limit yourself. With all the behavior you’ve covered in your university time, there are plenty of places to apply it once you enter the job market. Below are five jobs excellent suited to your sociology degree.

Social Worker

That bachelor’s in sociology degree gives you the skills to traverse society’s dynamics and foundations on a person-to-person basis, helping clients solve tough personal issues. This can be in the form of referring them to other agencies for continued support or simply listening to their problems, but every interaction counts in getting people the help they need. Some also assist in more clinical cases, such as with clients dealing with mental disorders. If you’re up to working in any of several environments with people from all walks of life, social work could be a rewarding field.

Guidance Counselor

If a sociology job involving children and adolescents sounds like it’d fit you, consider becoming a guidance counselor. Similarly to social work, you’ll be assisting students, their friends, and their families in dealing with academic troubles and concerns. You’ll utilize counseling techniques and learn about students’ personal issues to get them on the right track to tackling school with success. Troubles can range from struggling grades and bullying to drug abuse and more. You may just end up playing an important hand in preparing students for success in their complete academic careers.


Jobs for people with sociology degrees aren’t limited to care roles. The critical skills you’ve earned can be used to great success in researching and arguing cases in court. Since you’ll have to deal a lot with the intricacies of human interaction as a lawyer, you’ll be well-suited to a variety of civil or criminal cases. You’ll be doing similar study work to when you were still in school, so your sociological background will enable you to make compelling arguments and win important cases.


As far as jobs for sociology degrees go, this might not be the most obvious, but a career in marketing lets you put your analysis of societal norms and behaviors to work. Knowing how targeted populations react to advertisements and projected messages can easily endear you to a business, and with a background of study and research, your skills can be applied readily. Recognizing what won’t work as well with people is also in your area of expertise, so you can enter this field with ample knowledge to perform well.

Social Researcher

Your fascination with human behavior makes you a great fit for any research work having to do with people’s habits. Be ready to employ many different methods in this line work, including questionnaires, interviews, focus group sessions, and the like—and be prepared to investigate the results. There’s a good chance you’ll be conducting and managing these projects, but your critical thinking and organization will eliminate most potential confusion. This isn’t just for politics; areas like lifestyle, health, culture, and current events benefit from societal data. Your degree training will help you impart data with relative ease.

The open-ended nature of your degree might seem unfocused, but in reality your skills apply to many different fields. The five sociology degree careers listed above are just a sample of what you can do, so apply your knowledge with a job that puts your degree to great use.

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