5 Great Websites to Inspire Sociologists

Sociology is a fascinating field that puts human beings at the center of academic inquiry. Employers include research universities and other educational institutions. Like any course of study, it is important to stay inspired while committing time and energy to rigorous academic pursuits. Below are five useful resources to help anyone pursuing a sociology degree to remain inspired.

1. American Sociology Association

The American Sociology Association provides an overviews of the sociology profession, publications, employment opportunities, an event calendar and more. Membership options are available, and a frequently asked questions page provides answers to the most common questions about becoming a member. There are also resources available for students, teachers and community members who are interested in learning more about the profession of sociology. The association also offers a retirement network for members.

2. Sociology Quotes

Quotes about the topic of sociology can provide insight and inspiration to anyone who is interested in learning about this field. Notable quotes include sharp commentary from Toni Morrison, Edgar Allan Poe, Polykarp Kusch, Gertrude Stein, Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll and many others. In just a sentence or two, these fine writers capture and communicate the essence of the foundational ideas within the sociology profession. These witty quotes serve as an inspiration for students of sociology, and they promote curiosity about previous generations of people who influenced this field.

3. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is an excellent resource for people who are interested in learning about the specific benefits that can come with a career in sociology. Prospective sociology students can discover various work opportunities, typical working environments, pay and benefits, and other occupational information. This site also offers useful information to prospective sociologists who want specific information about the field. It provides definitions about specific duties that a career sociologist might be expected to perform, and it also provides access to professional resources for people who are already working in a profession that requires a sociology degree.

4. The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is an excellent resource for obtaining general knowledge about a variety of social topics, and the publication includes articles of interest to people studying or working in fields related to sociology. Popular opinions and articles that reflect a wide range of views can be helpful when parsing cultural norms and identities. The Huffington Post provides a unique glimpse into many of the current thoughts and ideas circulating within the society.

5. Sociology and Social Movements

A sociology degree opens up a unique career path for individuals who are interested in social movements. The way that the sociology profession interacts within these spaces is dynamic and fascinating. Social movements are defined by the people who actively participate in creating an agenda that advances social priorities. Sociologists who study social movements can often focus on a particular aspect of interest. This allows the necessary focus for the professional to investigate a set of themes that relate to a particular aspect of the social movement.

There are many professions that require or prefer a degree in sociology in order to advance. Research the websites listed here in order to get a general idea of the employment prospects, expected salary and working conditions for graduates who hold a degree in sociology. This research can provide an overview of the field, and it can also open up some new ideas by revealing the work done by previous generations of sociologists. Make sure to bookmark the page with inspirational quotes, for such gems are always priceless whenever the going gets rough.