Can I Get a Sociology Degree Online?

Earning a sociology degree online is easy, convenient and makes sense. Sociology focuses on reading, writing and research skills which work well with remote learning programs, and most traditional departments are shifting towards online and hybrid degree programs. You can get the education you need to advance your career without missing anything compared to a traditional sociology program.

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What Is Sociology?

The American Sociological Association defines sociology as the study of society. Sociologists study every aspect of modern civilization, including families, crimes, religions, employers and educational institutions. If you’ve ever wondered why the average age of marriage is increasing, overall attendance at religious institutions is decreasing or why Americans drink more milk than people of other countries, sociology is the perfect major for you. This discipline combines rigorous social science techniques with academic inquisitiveness, giving you the techniques to investigate human behavior throughout your career.

What Skills Will I Learn as a Sociology Major?

Undergraduate programs in sociology focus on analytical and research skills. You’ll learn to write persuasive papers, review published journal articles and critique sociopolitical arguments. Once you graduate with a degree in sociology, you’ll be prepared to design surveys to gather feedback and consumer information from specific populations. You can use these quantitative skills as a business researcher, human resources professional or healthcare provider. Some online sociology programs may ask you to conduct research in your local community as a learning experience, but you can also administer surveys through email or web forums.

What Do Sociologists Do?

The creation of effective public policy and marketing depends on sociologists to provide accurate data on American social patterns. Whether you’re working for a local government trying to understand why park visitors litter and how to prevent it or you’re a retail manager wanting to increase skills, you need to use sociological techniques to analyze behavioral trends. An online sociology program can give you the understanding of both qualitative research skills and psychological insight to be effective in either situation. Sociologists are needed at all levels of society to increase cross-cultural understanding, address deviant behavior like crime and drug use and provide a human touch to the cold data of economic analyses. With your bachelor’s degree in sociology, you’ll have versatile skills that can be used in any career path you can imagine.

Why Earn a Sociology Degree Online?

Given the incredible range of sociology, you will see college classes on every possible subject. By taking courses online, you won’t be forced to sit through lectures that don’t interest you. Instead, you can concentrate your research and paper-writing efforts on the sociological issues that drive you. An online program lets you work at your own speed, wait for the classes you care about and tailor your education to your specific goals. Rather than waste time commuting to campus, waiting for late students to arrive or listening to irrelevant presentations, you can dedicate your study time to delving into the most important topics in your education.

Because so much of what sociologists do centers around reading, writing and data analysis, this area of study is well suited for remote learning programs. You won’t miss out on any skills by earning your sociology degree online.