Can I Get Into Law School with a Degree in Sociology?

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to get into law school with a degree in sociology? With discussions swirling about the need for the Supreme Court to understand sociology in order to make decisions to better serve the American people, it is a question that has been debated back and forth between law schools and their potential students. While the short answer is yes, here is a quick overview of why sociology is the perfect degree to start a law school education.

A Preferred Major

There are few majors that are not accepted by law schools; physical education, art performance, and music education are among them. Sociology, on the other hand, is actually a preferred major by most law schools. This is because sociology focuses on the study of the structure and changing nature of society. Law is influenced by sociology, both directly and indirectly, and therefore the major is an exceptional addition to any application for law school. If a student has a major in sociology and has specialized in analysis and research, they may find that they are a preferred candidate for prestigious law schools who eschew pre-law majors in favor of majors that focus on teaching students about the factors that influence how the law is written in the United States.

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Consider Law School Requirements

Law school in America has a variety of requirements, like LSAT scores and recommendations. However, the most important factor in whether a student gets into law school or not has little to do with their major and everything to do with academic excellence. Most schools will encourage law school candidates to take on challenging courses with a demanding curriculum in order to prepare themselves for the rigor of this professional education; in sociology, this means taking on research projects and writing white papers on the specialization of their choice. By having these courses on their transcripts, students will demonstrate to the admissions committee that they are serious about their education and can handle the infamous workload that law schools in this country are known for.


Sociology is a major that offers a great deal of specialization for all students, but it is particularly useful for law school candidates. Because sociology has a major impact on how the law is written, it is a great place to begin specializing in a field. For example, students interested in family law can opt to take a variety of courses focusing on family studies; students who have a passion for humanitarian law may take on courses that deal with human rights at home and abroad.

Utilizing Sociology for Law

Sociology is a broad major that encompasses a variety of tracks and disciplines within it; this lends itself well to the needs of a student interested in applying for law school. Many sociology programs come with specialization tracks that focus on analysis and research which will benefit students when preparing for their graduate education. Because sociology offers demanding courses in the realm of analytical thinking, writing, and oral skills, students who take on this major will be well prepared for their law school education.

Sociology is an often underestimated major by most education media publications, but for those that desire to study law, it can be an advantage to focus on this field of undergraduate study. With the help of sociology, students can be better prepared for the analytical nature of law school. Therefore, it is not only possible to get into law school with a degree in sociology, it is actually a preferred major by most leading institutions.