What Are Good Internships for Online Sociology Majors?

For those interested, there are many great internships for online sociology majors. Leading experts like Melissa Benca, director of career services at Marymount Manhattan College, has found that internships have an impact in today’s economy. They also give students an opportunity to network, gain valuable experience, and even sort of test-drive a career before fully committing to it. For today’s sociology major, the following represent some examples of the best internship opportunities available right now.

Vibe Management

The first in our ever-so-brief list of desirable internships for online sociology majors comes by way of a company called Vibe Management. Vibe Management is a marketing, advertising, and consultation service employed by many large and respected client companies. The company offers year-round internship opportunities with sociology majors being a top-pick. Vibe Management is located in Los Angeles, California.

Institute for Global Studies

If an internship abroad is a specific goal of yours, the Institute of Global Studies actively offers a number of exciting travel opportunities for sociology majors. From social services projects, to community development endeavors, the group offers valuable internships for sociology majors and others in 17 different countries.

MTA Visions

MTA Visions is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and government relations firm. In essence, this means that this firm specializes in stakeholder interests as well as greater matters of diversity, sustainability, and other visionary pursuits within a company or government agency. Sociology is one their preferred entrance studies. In addition, this is one of the few coveted opportunities in remote sociology internships.

Emanation Marketing Group

If event coordination sounds like a fun way to engage in a sociology-related internship, the year-round, highly sought event planner position with Emanation Marketing Group may just be a great option to pursue. This company is located in Tukwila, Washington and ultimately works as a leading marketing force for the beauty, health, and cosmetics industries. Interns are paid and most often work on a full-time basis.

Adelante Abroad

Another opportunity to travel abroad for your sociology internship comes courtesy of Adelante Abroad. This is a reputable and respected internship service which caters to many fields of American collegiate-level studies, similar to the Institute for Global Studies discussed above. Students here can take part in a number of valuable sociology-related internships in mostly Spanish-speaking countries.


AssignmentHelpNet is an online tutoring and homework help service for students in grades K-12. The service also offers a desirable virtual internship as an academic content writer. This means that the intern will essentially help in developing course and resource materials for these grade levels, within company-client operations. This opportunity is offered year-round and is typically offered on a part-time basis.

It is important to note that those looking for a virtual, or online-only internship for sociology-related work may encounter some admitted challenges at this point. These types of internships are becoming increasingly common but have not yet reached a point of greater common occurrence. For more information on internships for online sociology majors specifically, you are highly encouraged to seek further assistance with your particular college’s advisory or career development departments directly.

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