What is Covered in the Curriculum for an Online Sociology Degree Program?

Sociology is all about understanding the human way, behaviors, and the collective psyche. If you are considering pursuing an online degree in sociology, you may find it helpful to look at what is covered in the curriculum of this degree. Below are some of the core expectations of the program as well as a number of accompanying electives.

Core Classes

  • Social Inequality

    Social inequality focuses on unequal opportunities for differing social positions and statuses. As this is often a forefront topic in the US, so too is it in the college classroom. Here, students will learn about where these inequalities take place as well as identifying and taking steps to resolve them.

  • Human Sexuality

    The study of human sexuality involves all of the traditional ideas behind sex and attraction as well as the non-traditional. Study of human sexuality is required here because of its greater influence on much of the world’s operation, relationships, drives, and more. There is much to learn in this telling course on one of the deepest of human expressions.

  • World Religions

    Another important element to the understanding of sociological behavior is that of world religion. Not only does religion tell us about a people specifically, but it also reveals information about regions and the influence of other cultures. Students will be required to understand the basics of many of the world’s diverse religions and belief systems.

  • World Civilizations

    Sexuality and religion certainly tell us quite a bit about a particular people of study. The overall analysis of their civilization though is another story. In such world civilizations courses, the student will be taken on an exploratory journey through a number of current and lost civilizations, becoming familiar with the factors that made each great, flawed, and distinctly individual.

Additional Core Requirements

In addition to the aforementioned types of classes, students will take a number of required courses pertaining to plenty of other subject matter. Schools do vary to an extent, but generally, much of the same expectations are placed on students. Some of these additionally required courses will likely include:

Race and Ethnicity
Crime and Deviance
Family Sociology
World Geography
Sociological Problems


Like the electives for many other degree programs, those for sociology can vary greatly with regard to direct application within the study. Unless a specific minor calls for some diversion though, it’s always best to compliment a major with directly relevant side studies. Some of the options commonly available to sociology students include the following:

    Experiential Learning
    Foreign Language
    Basic Psychology
    Criminal Justice
    American History
    Ethics in an Information Age
    Principles of Loss Prevention

Those seeking a sociology degree online will certainly learn plenty about this important field of expertise. This article is meant to provide a basic characterization of the courses expected of enrollees in such a degree program. For more direct information about the curriculum your school will specifically administer for the online sociology degree program, contact your school directly.

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